Grow 365

Grow 365

Do you want to read through the Bible, but have a hard time knowing where to start?

Our 2024 Grow365 reading plan for busy believers walks readers through 260 foundational passages over the course of a year. It’s designed for reading five days a week, giving readers weekends off (with time to catch up if you miss a day).

We encourage every person at Bartlett Baptist to read through God’s Word with us. You can pick up a copy of our Grow365 plan in the church lobby, download a digital copy, or follow along and collaborate through the Bible App Reading Plan on your mobile device named Old Testament in a Year.

Download the YouVersion Bible app to follow along from your mobile device.

“The Bible tells the story of God’s redemptive work to restore fallen mankind into a relationship with Him and then He invites us to join Him in that redemptive work.”

Michael Priest

Senior Pastor

Questions to ask as you read:

What does it say?

Read the text as though you are a detective, looking for evidence. Nothing in God’s Word is insignificant!

What does it mean?

Context is king! Don’t ask, “What does this mean to me?”, but rather, “What does this mean?” Period!

What does it teach?

What is the “timeless truth” that anyone anywhere can base their life upon?

What do I do?

A truth not practiced is a truth never really learned or believed. What will you do with what God has shown you?


  • Trust God to speak to you. Read expectantly!
  • Don’t try too hard. Avoid the tendency to look beyond what is in the text.
  • Think! Reading the Bible is not like watching TV; think! Meditate on what you read!
  • Put into practice what you learn and hear from God through His Word.