Thank you for exploring the giving options at Bartlett Baptist.

There are 4 ways to give:

The Plate

Each Sunday during our morning worship service, the traditional method of passing the plate is observed. If this is your prefered method of giving, and you would like credit for your gift, please use the envelope provided to members or obtain generic envelopes and fill it out with your name, address, and amount. If you are not receiving envelopes and would like them sent to you, please contact the church office.

Online | Realm Connect

What is Realm Connect? Realm Connect is an online ministry tool designed for real-time connection. It helps our church connect with you and you connect with us. It is also our portal for online giving. Our hope is to make it easier for members to find ways to connect, serve, and give, and easier for leaders to facilitate real-life communication between groups of people.

Note:  The only way to set up recurring gifts is through a login to the website.

You should have a login to use Realm. If you have not logged in before, you must request an invitation. 

Text Giving

By sending the message give2bbc and a dollar amount to 73256, you can give a one time gift.  After the first text gift, you will not have to re-enter your card information unless you want to change cards. On completion of the transaction, you will receive an email and text message.

To set up a short cut, add the number 73256 to your Bartlett Baptist Church contact in your phone. Change the type for this number to others.

Still have questions?