2022 Deacon Nomination Form



Born before 9/1/2001 & member of Bartlett Baptist Church for over 1 year as of 09/01/2022
Attended a Connect Group or Life Group 4 or more times a year.

The following names have been omitted from the deacon nomination list because they are:

  • Currently serving as active deacons and have 1 or 2 more terms of service to completePatrick Ariemma, Mark Beasley, Kyle Bone, Todd Caudel, Jim Crawford, Matt Crenshaw, Max Crow, Frank Downing, John Fitzgibbon, Josh Fowler, Steve Hopper, Kelly Jones, Tuley Lynch, Chris Maley, Brad McGee, Stephen Mitchell, Mike Mullenix, Phil Robinson, Pat Skinner, Adam Smith, Steve Vatter, Grant Volner, Randy Watkins, Mike Wilson Sr., Michael Wilson Jr.
  • Currently serving as active deacons and are rotating off active service at the end of the 2021-21 church year: Joe Crane, Matt Davis, Kosal Ear, Doug Fletcher, David Hassler, Johnny Mayhan, Tommy Mitchell, Jonathan Wong

Names preceded by * are ordained deacons who are not presently serving as active deacons.

If you see an error or omission in this list, please notify the church office.

Due to the amount of names on the list, this page is best viewed from a computer or large tablet.

Group 1Group 2Group 3Group 4Group 5
Arriaga, IsaiasElliston, SteveHarvill, JasonMcNatt, JoeSmith, Bobby
*Arthur, TreyFarage, Don*Hassler, Josh*Meeks, DavidSmith, Chris
Austin, MichaelFerrell, LoganHawkins, Dennis*Mitchell, JoeySmithers, Roy
Ayers, ScottFinley, KavinHayes, Carl*Moon, MerrittSouth, Brian
*Barlow, DennisFlanagan, Gerald*Hensley, RussMorgan, RickySpain, Robin
Bishop, SamFletcher, JamesHerring, BrackMorris, Mike*Sparks, Pete
Blair, BrandonFolis, Mark*Hetzel, RobertMorrow, GeraldStacks, Ronnie
*Blakely, Dalton*Ford, RogerHigginbotham, TerryMorrow, TimStephens, Doug
*Bone, PatrickFreeman, ChuckHipp, MichaelMullins, GlenSutton, Kevin
Bousson, MarkFuenmayor, Juan JoseHolmes, RicMurphy, ChrisSykes, Charlie
Boyd, JesseFulgham, BobbyHorne, Harold*Nipp, RobertSykes, James
*Brewington, TerryFullerton, Bill*Inman, Shane*Norvell, BillyTriplett, Thomas
Brin, RonFutrell, KeithJones, CalebOakes, Bill Tyler, Adam
*Brown, RobbyGallarno, AlJones, DavidOglesby, JosephTyler, Don
Bruce, TravisGarnett, Sheldon*Jones, JeffParsons, RonnieVails, Jonathan
Bunch, CoryGarrard, EvanKee, WilliePendley, Gary*Vatter, Clarence
*Burk, SteveGarrett, DavidKelly, DavidPendley, ZacharyVatter, David
Burnett, Allen*Gehrs, Bret*Kerr, MichaelPowell, JerryVatter, Dylan
Cain, JamesGilmer, KenKezar, MarkPriest, MatthewVatter, Ryan
Cara, C.J.Golightly, DougKline, StevePrice, Philip*Washington, Nathan
Cartwright, JeremyGoodman, TrippKlutts, BlakeReiners, JohnWatts, Jacob
Chambers, BrianGoodman, TyKlutts, SethRogers, LeonWebb, Paul
Champion, DrewGorski, AlKula, AndrewRutherford, BillWeisfeld, Brian
Chipman, BenjaminGrant, RoyKula, MartyRutledge, RandyWeisfeld, Cody
*Christmas, CharlesGreen, JerryKula, Tommy*Sanders, JoeWhitman, John
Cockrell, JerryGreen, JimLaycook, JimSanders, RobWilliams, Matt
*Collins, MichaelGreen, SteveLindsey, Tyler*Schaedle, DennisWilliamson, Duston
Cooke, TerryGresham, EdwardLongo, ChrisSchultz, ChrisWillis, Zach
Craig, Cody*Grigsby, David*Lumpkin, TomSchultz, DavidWilmoth, Harvey
Crews, Chris*Hammonds, BrentMartin, RenScott, Matt*Winfield, Mark
Cunningham, RoyHankins, Kermit*Mason, FredShaeffer, KenWood, Seth
*Dobry, MitchHardison, TommyMay, MickeySharp, NicholasWoodrow, Andrew
Dodd, MikeHargrove, DwightMcInnis, Mark*Sharp, MichaelYewell, Mike
Domino, KevinHarper, JohnnyMcKinney, MacShockley, DavidYoung, Forrest
Dunn, LeeHarper, T.J.*McGhee, Eric*Shoffner, JimZellner, Joe
Ear, AustinMcNatt, JacobSidle, Jeremy


  • A deacon is a Spirit-Controlled man: He is under the control of the Spirit of God and will manifest the fruit of the Spirit (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, faithfulness, humility, & self-control.)
  • A deacon is a servant, not a church boss: The word deacon means servant. A deacon is elected not to honor a man, but to honor & serve God & His church.
  • A deacon is one whose character is exemplary: His reputation is also a credit to the church and our Savior. His family life is a good example.
  • A deacon is a spiritually-minded man: “…full of the Holy Spirit,” the scriptures say. The world and the deacon cannot mix without the church losing immeasurably.
  • A deacon is a devoted & faithful steward of his possessions: A deacon is “to be free from the love of money” (I Timothy 3:3). He must lead by example if the church is to grow a membership of others.
  • A deacon is regular in attendance at all services: By his presence he adds much; by his absence he causes much harm.
  • A deacon is a soul-winner: His earnest heart’s desire is to see people saved.
  • A deacon is a pastor’s friend: He should be a counselor, confidant, comforter, companion, and friend to the pastor.

Our Deacon Election Process

A list of resident men of the church, twenty-one years of age or older, is being presented to the church during the month of June from which church members are to select nominees. Deacon Officers will compile a list of qualified men receiving the most nominations and email a letter to the number of men required for election. A screening team of active deacons and the pastor will interview each nominee to be ordained as a new deacon. An ordination service will be scheduled for a Sunday in September.

Deacon Nomination Ballot

New Testament qualifications for the office of deacon are clearly outlined in Acts 6:1-7 and I Timothy 3:8-13. These scriptures are the basis for this church office. Please consider your nominations prayerfully based on your personal knowledge of their service to our church. Church members may nominate one to eighteen men.

Nominations may be submitted electronically via this form or emailed to the church office by downloading the attached PDF and sending to info@bartlettbaptist.org. You may also print out the attached form and give it to the church office, placed in the giving container, mailed to the church, or given to one of the deacon officers: Mike Mullenix, Tommy Mitchell, or Doug Fletcher.

Nominations were due by Sunday, June 26th, 2022.

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