What would it look like if we embraced the call to be missionaries where we live, work, and play?

It is so easy for us to believe that we are too busy, too young, too old, or too (fill in the blank) for God to use us to change the world.  We quickly give way to the lie that we are not equipped to be a “missionary.” Aren’t missionaries those who go to the remotest parts of the world and endure great hardships for the cause of Christ?

When we look at scripture, we see that the model for sharing the gospel and making disciples is so much more. Jesus told some fishermen, “Follow me and I will make you fishers of men.” In Acts, the greatest advances of the gospel happened through ordinary people outside the church. In Matthew, Jesus commissions His followers to make disciples of all nations, and in Acts 1:8 he reminds us that it starts at our front door.

We can practice biblical hospitality at the playground, in the dorm room, at the coffee shop or at our table.  It just takes our willingness to open our lives and homes to God’s mission. Below are some steps to B.L.E.S.S. those around you. The five practices represented by the letters in the word ‘bless’ provide the model we see in scripture.


Over and over again we see Jesus retreating to pray. Prayer is both how we discover the specific way God has created us and how he calls us to live that out. Ask the Lord to show you who is He calling you to engage and begin praying for that person (or people) now.


Asking questions and listening was central to Jesus’ life and teaching.  Good relationships are marked by the ability to listen to someone. We can all think of how we felt when someone truly listened to what we had to say without trying to fix things or turn the conversation back to themselves  True listening may be the best gift you can give someone.


There is something about sharing a meal that moves a relationship from mere acquaintance toward friendship. Jesus ate with tax collectors and sinners. Sharing a meal is sharing life.


When people get to know you, they will naturally feel relationally safe and want to know more about you. Over time and in relationship you have opportunities to share with them how the love of God and Jesus’s life, death and resurrection have changed you. It doesn’t have to be weird!


Their story and yours will unfold over time. Don’t rush the timing. Your opportunity may not come up in the first or second time you are together. Build trust and relationship to open the doors for the gospel.

In one year our goal is to celebrate 2700 gospel conversations at the table.

Help us celebrate how God is moving!
How have you seen God’s faithfulness in your obedience to be an everyday missionary at the table and beyond?